Text to SVG by Inkscrape

Import text as an SVG image file
Import text as an image file using the steps below.

Type the text you want to import into a writing programme
Copy the text
Open Inkscape (free image-editing software)
Select the type character in the sidebar (‘A’) and paste your text into Inkscape
Select ‘Path’ from the menu above and then ‘Object to path’– this will convert your text into an SVG image
Go to ‘File’, ‘Save as’ and save the text image to your computer
Open your VideoScribe project and click ‘Add image’
Click the folder icon in the bottom left of the window that pops up
Use the file browser to select the image from your computer.
The outline will draw before the image is filled but you will still be able to read the text as it is being drawn and it will become clearer at the end.